Thursday, November 12, 2009

~ Dear Baby ~

Welcome baby girl, King Xi ^.^
Kelly has born a 3.2kg baby girl this morning at 3.37 am.
All of us are so excited to welcome her !!!
Dear, wish you grow up healthy and happy. Love you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My 19th Birthday

Nothing special for this year celebration. Just a simple breakfast with family. :-P
Thank you everyone who wished me .^^
Did not received any gifts or presents but an own-made card and of course birthday songs.^^
Special thanks to those who did the simple celebration for me @ M-Box.

Hsiao Fang (Birthday Girl on 01/11) and I .

Anyway,Thankz.....everyone !

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lunch with mela^^mela @ Pizza Hut

HAd an outing with my dear friend ~mELa~ when I first came back to Bintulu for the long long holidays (almost a year) before I enter Uni.
We took pizza as our lunch @ Pizza Hut.^^
Mushroom soup : Simple.
Cheese Bun in pieces. Nothing Special.

Two different flavour pizza with mozarella cheese sprinkle shredded over it.

Tasted nice but high calories.

Funny Mela & I.
Time flies with chit-chatting and we leave the place at almost 5pm.

A BIG Housefly on John Master's T-shirt

I snapped few photos during window shopping with my family last weekends.
Let's have a look what I got. XD

See what is this ?
Is a BIG housefly on a white T-shirt.

It stopped there for almost 10 minutes steadily. XD
I actually stood there and observed what is it doing there for such a long time.
*How stupid am I ?* hehe

What's in my mind is ....... How come there is housefly at boutique department?
It is so unhygiene !!! *sigh*

Somemore it cost about RM59.90 (quite a high price for me to buy a simple T-shirt as shown above).Will YOU mind to buy it if you know the dirty housefly stepped on the particular T-shirt before ? :-p

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally, I'm accepted

For the past few weeks, I'm actually waiting for my offered letter from Mahsa University College to further my studies on Undergraduate Physiotherapy Programme.

So, I've been wait......wait......wait......and wait for everyday,every hours & every seconds
Wait for my phone rings

Wait them to send me E-mail or letter

(So I check my mail box everyday)

Call the In-charge Department for futher information

Send E-mail to the Marketing Department to get more info

But I didn't get any reply and nobody answer my phone call. And I was thinking of what a POOR Uni I'm going to enter.

However , after *ONE* month in a bright and sunny afternoon,

The sun light reflected on transparent part of the letter which attracts my attraction to have a check on the letter box again. And I found this !!!!

It's an offered letter from the Uni ! I've been waited this for ages.

I'm have been selected to take up Bsc (Hons) for Physiotherapy (4+0) course on April 2010. However, I'm not really happy for that because I've no chance to go overseas during my Uni life as it is four years local programme. :'( Somemore I need to wait until April next year.That means I have a very very looooooooong holidays since I finished my GCE A-Level course on June 2009.

So ,what to do? The only way is to find a part-time job and use my time wisely in this few months. :-P